Our overall verdict "Super!"
Controls: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8.5/10

I have a passion for RPG games and get consumed by these fantasy worlds way too often. When it comes to gaming on the go I’m looking for ones that don’t suck away hours of my life but can be played and enjoyed for minutes at a time. Dragon Bane Elite, is just such an experience.

Both the casual gamer as well as the RPG buff are catered to with Dragon Bane Elite. On the casual side is Dragon Bane Elite’s approach to RPG basics. For instance, finding where to go with a quest can be done by turning on auto-path which takes control of your character and brings them to that specific destination. Having the weight lifted off my shoulders of remembering where things are is an amazing feeling. I know some might cringe or scoff at this, but it dramatically saves time so that you can dive in and do a couple quests whenever you want.

photo 3

You ‘hardcore’ RPG vets, don’t get scared away I’ll get to what is great for you in a bit, but I want to continue discussing the casual side of things. Combat also includes a great dive-in for a minute experience. Basically what you do is you build up your small team of heroes and choose what type of formation you want them to attack in. Some are great for defensive while other formations are, you got it, great for offensive. As soon as you trigger a battle the game takes over for you and determines how the fight will go by how strong your heroes are as well as the type of formation you’re using versus the enemy. Normally I might have been turned off by this hands-off approach but it brings an RPG- experience without the need to have 100% of my focus.

photo 2

Okay you hardcore gamers out there, get ready because the rest will get you excited! Dragon Bane Elite has so much to it; first off, things that you know and love about RPGs are all present: Different fighting classes, leveling up, armor, and training.  Yeah and what if I said there’s a lot more depth to armor and things like that, more than normally found in a “HardCore” iOS game. When I say leveling up, I mean everything can be leveled up.

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Now let’s look at the battle modes. Campaign mode (PvE) is very casual friendly but there’s also MMORPG elements where you can pit your fighters against others. This packs in an already great social element (I.E. you can see players in your general area) and makes it even better.

The Bottom Line: Dragon Bane Elite is one of the rare games out there that gives a full and rewarding experience if you’re either looking for a über-casual or hardcore-ish RPG experience on the go.

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