Our overall verdict "Fair"
User Interface: 7/10
Graphics: 6.5/10
Sound: 5/10

Collectable Card Games on the  iPhone/iPad almost always fall into one of two camps: hardcore or casual. Lies of Astraroth is the latter.

Gamers looking for a strategy card game simply won’t find it here. No, instead this is a CCG that’s hook emphasis is collecting cards and not strategy. Placing cards onto the battlefield can be done via pushing Auto-Play. Yup, the game plays your cards for you and since there’s very little skill needed (Go-Fish involves more strategy), the winner for the most part is determined by who has the better cards…as well as a bit of luck…the handful of cards in your hand are pulled at random.

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I know a lot of you think that I’m about to slam this game but surprisingly no! I see it more as a Freemium title that’s fun to play for a few minutes and ‘battle’ (using that word very loosely) against the AI. The battles are very short and more often than not, you’ll earn another card to add to your arsenal. Again, no skill is needed but ‘meh’ has a bit more entertainment value than town-builder Freemium games out there.

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The CCG gamer looking for a strategy experience won’t find anything here but for someone wanting a leisurely game experience try it, you’ll be happy with all of the extra features. You can attach runes which will aid you in battles (these are slowly earned by leveling up), expand your deck, and even level up cards to make them a bit more powerful. On top of this is a multiplayer mode that will pit your deck against another real person’s. To repeat myself, no skill is needed and instead the winner is determined by who has the better deck…with a little luck.

The Bottom Line: Lies of Astraroth is a moderately  entertaining CCG but more about collecting cards (for some reason it includes mostly scantly clad female warriors) than anything else.

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