Our overall verdict "Mediocre"
Controls: 5/10
Graphics: 5.5/10
Sound: 6/10
Replayability: 6.5/10

Yesterday we reviewed Stick Stunt Biker 2 that took it its artistic direction from Limbo. This now über popular silhouette design is popping up in almost every other game so you know what this is leading to….We take a look at Haunted Night – Escape from Zombies, that is inspired rips off the same artistic approach.

Haunted Night – Escape from Zombies, is  a good looking Indie title but the graphical similarities to Limbo are way too close for comfort. Your lil’ spiky haired dude as well as a hotel with a crooked sign are all here with little tweaks to look slightly different from Limbo. It looks different but only because it doesn’t have the same WOW graphical presentation. This wouldn’t have bothered me as much if Haunted Night, had other awesome attributes–but it doesn’t.

photo 2

In some ways Haunted Night, is a rather cool endless-runner. Here you can jump/double jump over zombies as well as avoid bats and crows that fly at you at rocket speed. Timing jumps is fun and does almost become addictive…but there’s a lot weighing it down.

The first notable issue is that when you jump you feel like you have lead weights in your pockets. The jumping feels heavy and doesn’t achieve the fluid movement needed in endless-runners. The other factor is that there are options that you can upgrade. But guess what?! The store is broken and we were never able to upgrade any of the stats. This was over the top annoying and put Haunted Night’s, fun factor in the no fun zone.

photo 1

The Bottom Line: Haunted Night – Escape from Zombies, has some cool power-ups (I.E. ability to fly) but the heavy jumps and the broken store has me suggesting you go elsewhere. With that said, keep an eye on this one because if it ever receives a big update then this might become a really fun endless-runner.

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