Our overall verdict "Bad"
Acting: 2/10
Action Factor: 3/10
Story: 1/10

Both Tom Steele (Steven Seagal) and Manning (Steve Austin) are former black ops specialists hired to decommission an old prison. Two mysterious women inmates arrive days before shut-down. We soon learn that one is working for the CIA and has an important chip implant.

Like all action movies, the plot is more shallow than Seagal’s hammy acting. This chip is  the reason for all hell to break loose. Bad guys break into the prison, kill most of the guards, set inmates loose to distract Steele (come on, do we have to have names that lame in movies still!), Buff-pants Manning (I’m guessing that’s the first name Seagal would have created), and a small crew of ex-ops. Can Steele protect the CIA girl and stop the bad dudes? Dunno if you’ll see how this movie unfolds…but you probably will. It’s Maximum Conviction baby!


Action wise,  Maximum Conviction looks like it could be a satirical film. That is… thousands of bullets are shot and almost all miss. The walls are chewed up with those bullets-gone-awry, so unless you’re into carpentry or architecture and weep for the structure of the walls, your pulse isn’t going to rise with the ‘action’ here. Who cares about gun fights though when you’ve got Seagal and Austin in a movie right? Well on the good side, Austin’s hand to hand combat is fun, but since he’s the supporting role all of his fights are anti-climatic. Seagal, while I’m sure  he could take me down in an instant (that’s not saying much), looks like he needs to take a breather so he can eat another burrito. He doesn’t come across as a badass (like in Under Siege) and instead leaves you wondering why he hasn’t branched away from action movies into something else…like reality TV. Oh wait he did…


Seagal is a ham and he completely lacks talent. He stumbles on most of his lines and comes across as a bumbling fool. He pauses so much during each sentence that he seems out of breath! And we’re talking even before the action kicks in! Austin, while not a great actor, in any stretch of the imagination, brings a tamed WWE performance. Meaning fun-cheesy. And the rest of the cast? Well they must have gone to the Seagal School of Acting. I really hope that I made that up and that it doesn’t really exist.

The Bottom Line: Go rent an old Seagal movie because he used to be awesome.