Our overall verdict "Fair"
Controls: 7.5/10
Sound: 7/10
Graphics: 6.5/10

I admit that my first few moments playing Space Cubes left me confused with what was happening and puzzled about what I was actually doing in this puzzler. I beat the first stage but was not sure about exactly what I did right…

There’s no doubt that Space Cubes is an interesting albeit confusing puzzle game (even following the directions). But the good news is that the logic behind Space Cubes will click. To sum it up, you’ll be traveling through quick snippets of screens filled with plenty of objects to smash and portals to travel through. Each portal leads to a different side of a cube that plays out as a maze. Confused? Trust me when I say that it’ll make more sense if you try it out for yourself.The final objective of the cube-maze is to reach the green portal.

Let me lay it out for you–each portion of the maze you’ll travel to is filled with meteor-like objects and a creature-head that you can smash with your guy that just so happens is a big yellow meteor. You can smash everything on the screen if you want to and maybe discover gems and power-ups to collect but, your goal is always to focus on the creature-head. Smash it enough times and it’ll reveal portals to move on. Deciding when and how to smash everything on the screen becomes a bit more hectic when you have a short time limit as well as other factors like black holes and multiple creature-heads to  beat up. But only one will reveal the portals. This truly is a weird approach to what we know about mazes but, it does work.


Where the game might have you scratching your head at first, the controls are very easy to grasp and made for touch screens (Read:no virtual controls). You can precisely take control by dragging your finger on the screen, swipe fast to create chaos that’ll smash objects, and a simple tap on the screen will bring your meteor to a complete halt. These controls work well and help make Space Cubes accessible to almost any aged gamer.


The Bottom Line:

Even though Space Cubes didn’t click with me, its’s a good and interesting puzzler that you should check out for yourself. Best of all is that it’s free. I do want to emphasis strange once more.

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