Our overall verdict "Abysmal"
Acting: 0.5/10
Story: 1/10
Humor: 0.5/10

Patton Oswalt, Maura Tierney, and Rob Riggle all in the same movie? Man with such a funny cast I bet there’s going to be a few funny moments in Nature Calls.

Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville (yeah…he’s in it as well) are two feuding brothers. Oswalt follows in the footsteps of his father and becomes a scout master while Knoxville plays the stereotype dick-wad that puts his main focus on possessions over family. Anywho, the lackluster plot that tried to hold this movie together is that Oswalt convinces Knoxville’s adopted son (funny! the kid is an African orphan!…what a hoot…*cricket*) and a bunch of other kids to go camping without any of the parents permission. Oswalt brings the kids camping to a locked-off nature preserve where only funny things will happen.


That is if you like poop jokes, raunchy one-liners that only a prepubescent would laugh at, and well…I spaced off. That’s right, all of the humor is supposed to be shocking and in your face but instead comes across as, well a pile of sh*t. Never did a small sign of cracking a smile come acorss my face. Surprisingly an overall good assemble of comedians delivers one of the worst movies that I have ever sat through. So bad that it took me 3-4 sittings to get through 85 minutes of pure garbage.

The Bottom Line:

Avoid. Oh, spoiler: all the kids learn about working together.  Also to be make sure that I’m clear “AVOID”.

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