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When it comes to slicing and dicing games on the iTunes AppStore we automatically think of fruit. After checking out Colorcut, the most in-depth slicing game that we’ve come across, the thought of fruit might be replaced with bouncing balls.

Before you even think Fruit Ninja, let me assure you that your assumption is wrong. Colorcut takes the barebones concept of slicing colored balls bouncing across the screen through it’s 2.5 modes (really 3 modes but…) and adds a completely new strategy element. The Adventure Mode takes your hand and acts as part tutorial and part mission based. You’ll need to slice a combination of colored balls as well as learning what combinations will impact your game for the better or for the worse.

Slice red and yellow and you’ll add time to the counting-down timer. Slice through a purple ball and you’ll enter purple craze which will allow you to get a higher score! Slice through a grey ball…trust me just don’t do that. Then there’s other things that you can do such as  tap on a bouncing ball to slow it down. Why slow down a bouncing ball? You want to do this to complete a chain! Now that I’ve covered just the bare basics of what Colorcut has to offer, let me assure you that this is one of those reviews where words can’t do the game justice and it’s much more fun than you’d expect.

After you’ve got the ropes down (trust me–you’ll want to play through Adventure Mode to understand the complexity), you can dive into the other two modes: Classic and Relax. With Classic, the same rules that you learned in Arcade apply and plays as what we now call survival mode (look at Tetris…the whole game is Survival Mode but we never called it that). So in order to survive as long as you can, you’ll need to keep on finding and creating combinations and as soon as you start to mess up, your timer will dwindle until it’s game over.

Relax mode is the .5 mode that I mentioned. Not because it’s not good (because it is), but because it simplifies the experience (hence the name “Relax Mode”) by eliminating the gray orbs. This creates a more casual experience. So if you want a harder challenge play Classic Mode.

The Bottom Line: 8.5/10 (Great)

There’s an astonishing amount of depth in this lil’ gem that is easily one of the more addicting games that we’ve reviewed over the last couple months. Seriously, it’s a buck and I highly recommend that you “splurge” and buy it and try it.