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Once every so often I come across an Indie title that is so chock full of personality and ‘weirdness’ that I’m a little confused about what I should start talking about first. So hold on as I attempt to convey the marvelousness that is…Go Yeti!.

Before I even dive into the gameplay for Go Yeti!, I want to talk about what won me over and that’s the sheer quirkiness. Go Yeti! features 4 different Yetis that you can play as (you can swap and play as a new one whenever you like) and you can change up their appearances by purchasing new clothing–with each one being wackier than the last. Heck there’s even a Santa outfit (also a  Rudolph and elf outfit to unlock) that’ll make the world around you snow!

Go Yeti! has personality around every corner and that’s even made clear in the in-game menu. That’s right I’m talking about a game menu before the gameplay! Now that’s gotta be a first! Anyways, you’ll navigate to different menus by interacting with the Yeti’s living room. Tap on the TV to purchase new outfits, tap on the pet bird to go to social links, switch up your yeti, and tap on the phone to activate…

…missions (finally getting to what the games about!). Go Yeti! features 60 short missions where you navigate your Yeti that sits on a flying carpet (told’ja it’s a quirky game) by sliding your finger on the screen. Each of the missions includes a small goal that will change how you approach each level. Some missions just have you avoiding obstacles (although I won’t go into detail…some are rather quirky) and other times you’ll be bouncing balloons off your head to make sure that they don’t hit the ground. Early on the missions are easy but after a handful of missions, you’ll need to “Graduate” to the next pack of levels. During the “graduation” you’re put to the test by multiple level missions that you played earlier on but you can’t fail a single one. This creates an over-the-top balanced experience that doesn’t feel that tough but you will feel the difficulty rising (heck I even failed some of the very early stages a few times).

The last thing that I want to mention is that I wasn’t a big fan of Go Yeti! at first. But it does so much right that you too will get addicted for example: psychedelic space moments that you can trigger and joker cards that change what they do every time. Sometimes the joker will shrink you, turn the game into more of a Jetpack Joyride control scheme, or flip-flop the controls. It is fun to see what will happen every single time.

Last is how Go Yeti! handles currency. Wow is it giving! Just play through some levels (have fun) and you’ll be able to unlock everything that you want at a great pace. And better yet is that all the coins that you earn during a level can be cashed in for a grab bag which allows you to win some great stuff! I hope that more games take a closer look at how generous Go Yeti! is. Addicting.

The Bottom Line: 9/10 (Super!)

Very few games have left my head spinning about what great thing to talk about first… Go Yeti! is so delightfully quirky and the missions so well designed that you will get hooked and be talking about your new carpet flying yeti buddies to your friends.