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My TV viewing opportunities are few what with my devotion to video games, but ten+ years ago I watched a slew of it and one of my favorite shows was ABC’s Scrubs (used to be NBC). As a fan, I was excited to unravel a story of the residents of Sacred Heart Hospital in HeroCraft’s iOS game, Scrubs.

HeroCraft’s Scrubs places the quirky hospital and it’s residents at Sacred Heart Hospital into a Hidden-Object Adventure game. The story is told through amusing comic-panels highlighting the same wit found in ABC’s Scrubs. Besides the comic-panels and spot-on caricatures  of the cast members, almost every set piece that you venture through is oozing with content from the TV show sure to please the most die hard fans. Yeah, you’ll even see Dr. Todd’s (somewhat minor character from the TV show) skull printed scrubs laying around the operating and  staff rooms. It’s spot on details like this that shows HeroCraft’s Scrubs dedication to the fans.

In the story you assist the residents in locating objects that will lead to finding a ‘misplaced’ diamond on the 5th of July (in other words the hospital is completely trashed from partying too hard on the 4th). If you’ve played Hidden Object games before then you’ll know what to expect. With each scene there’s a list of items that you must find by tapping on them. While I’m not normally a fan of Hidden Object games, Scrubs keeps it refreshing by mixing in a handful of elements that includes interactive set pieces, timed levels, and flashlight-oriented searching. Top this off with a remarkable Hint system (they even included a video to help you out if you get stumped on some of the tricker puzzles) and it’s clear why Scrubs won me over and will likely do the same for you (don’t believe me? Go check out the free version for yourself).

A handful of medically themed mini games spices up the story–well 6 to be exact so I guess a “handful” for Count Tyrone (yup, a random Princess Bride reference).  One mini-game is as simple as trying to time giving someone a hypodermic, while another is played out as a match-three game. These mini-games can be activated anytime after you unlock it through the story mode (or IAP if you’re impatient).

The Bottom Line: 9/10 (Super!)

HeroCraft’s Scrubs is chock full of great set pieces and the witty repartee that made the quirky TV show a memorable watch. Re-visit the flawed characters and revel in their wry humor while playing this super game that you will most definitely not want to cancel.

Note: Scrubs is optimized for the iPhone 5 and looks stunning.