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Sometimes I get burnt out from doing my daily routines (who doesn’t) and never more so than this past month. So I did something that I normally don’t do: sit down and  watch a TV show, Arrested Development…and play a puzzle game, Lost Spell this time around. I love slacker-multitasking (can watching TV be called a task)! Anyways this complete slacker-hookie of mine got even better by playing a new match 3 game that puts a somewhat new twist…err make that a “Slash” on the genre.

At first glance Lost Spell looks like your average match-3+ game. After all, it follows the same concept of matching 3 or more objects.  Lo and behold, Lost Spell steps away from the conventional object-match. If you see a line with three or more colored orbs in a row (can be horizontal, diagonal, as well as vertical), you slash the whole line and voila it disappears. If these orbs create multiple 3+ combos across multiple lines, you can make multiple slash combos by slashing even more lines within one turn. This new slashing element adds a completely new layer to a formula that generally doesn’t see this much innovation.

Lost Spell includes three modes with each one offering a different experience. Classic Mode is your survival mode where you’re allowed to make non-match-3 slashes until you run out of mana. This mode allows you to play at your own pace and pick up where you left off. In other words, no rush, it’ll be waiting for you when you get back. Master Mode on the other hand is timed and also introduces spell elements that aid in creating as many matches as possible within the time frame. This creates a much more chaotic feel…so don’t play this mode right before you go to bed! Last but not least is Zen Mode. Zen Mode might just be my favorite. In this mode you’re placed with a series of orbs and you must figure out how to match the orbs quickly and with a minimal amount of finger-slashes. This creates a very fun chaotic puzzle-like experience layered on top of a puzzle game. Whoa that blew my mind!

The Bottom Line: 9/10 (Super!)

If you’re bored with the status quo match-3 games, Lost Spell introduces a new experience that’ll reinvigorate your puzzle spirits.