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When it comes to resizing photos whether it be for websites or cropping hundreds of personal family photos, it’s time consuming and possibly the last thing that I want to do. Sure I can drag all of the photos into Photoshop but it takes much longer than I want  to spend on cropping or I could use other types of software such as Apple’s Preview that lacks the features that I desire. This past week I was asked to check out Resize Sense.

When first opening up Resize Sense one thought came straight to mind, streamlined. The one body window contains all the tools you’ll need to import your personal library of photos as well as being able to specify position/angle of the photo, preview of your image, photo editing tools on a handy toolbar, and  cropping ratio properties. I’m not listing all of this to say “hey! look at what Resize Sense can do” but to say “hey! all of this is laid out in a manner that anyone can jump in and use right away(well not my dad who still uses Windows 95) as well as proving my “streamlined” point.

When cropping or resizing photos you have the option to use Single Mode or Preset mode. In Single Mode you can  effortlessly crop the dimensions to fit the width, height, freehand, as well as a handful of other choices. If you often find yourself using a particular configuration in Single Mode you can save it as a Preset for future use. The Preset Mode allows you to apply common configurations such as 4×6 and US Letter (as well as your saved presets). No matter what mode you choose both allow you to resize the whole gallery. In other words, Resize Sense, gives you everything that you need to crop and resize photos for professional use or for enhancing personal photos. Now I will be hosting family slide show nights complete with chips and onion dip!

I wholeheartedly recommend Resize Sense to anyone with a photo library, and let’s face it, almost everyone has a camera on their phone so it stands to reason that there are oodles of photos. Now this is a great time to segue into the awesome SAVE feature. Naming photos can be a finger cramping chore but Resize Sense makes this easy by allowing you to choose how each batch of pictures will be named (in other words you choose how you want the pics named and Resize Sense will name every single one for you), image format (I.E. .PNG or JPG), and image quality. Ta-da! Now something that might have taken you a whole afternoon to do can be done while drinking your morning coffee. I can’t be the only one to make coffee and start working right away…

The Bottom Line: 9/10 (Super!)

Resize Sense is the smart, streamlined answer to  cropping,resizing, enhancing, saving and essentially re-envisioning your personal and professional photos.

Note: Resize Sense is also available in the Mac AppStore (Click Here). You can also download a trial version on their Website (Click Here).

Disclaimer: This is a paid review.