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Update Sept 21st, 2012: We enjoyed playing Drop Out the first time around and  over the last couple days we spent a bit of time with Drop Out Adventures HD. It brings the same great addictive physics experience but now it looks oh-so much cuter with the sharp graphics. If you have an iPad and missed Drop Out the first time around, we still highly recommend that you jump on board and give it a shot. Besides the HD update, there’s also a new Science Lab world to check out as well as being able to  skip over levels.

With characters named “furries” and “boo” you’ve got to know there’s an adorable critter game that’s going to have your family members clamoring for your iPhone/iPad. So what’s the newest cutest game? Drop Out! Now come check out this adorable physics shooter that we’ve been lucky enough to spend time with over the past week.

Since the dawn of time there’s been stories about “good vs bad” and that’s the twist of Drop Out. In Drop Out you’ll see anywhere from a handful to dozens of yellow good furries in need of rescue. And who’ll come to their rescue? Boo and his Boo friends of course! How you free the good furries is where the puzzle physics comes into play. You’ll take control of boo and place it anywhere on the shooting line. Once the boo is in place ( there’s a variety of boo to play with) you’ll need to aim and shoot the boo (i.e. Angry Birds, MonkeyQuest etc) and hopefully knock the yellow furrie off of the screen (this rescues them). Each successful freeing of a good furrie will reward you a specific amount of points (generally the bigger the furrie the more points awarded). You’ll need to rack up a certain score to pass each level.

Passing the levels is not as easy as you might think when you take in all the game changing aspects. Remember the “good vs bad” thing? Yeah there’s bad furries that are marked with red fur. Why they’re so bad I can’t tell you but what I can say is that if you knock a bad furry off screen they’ll penalize your score, possibly making it impossible to obtain the needed score. This little twist definitely ramps up the difficulty and influences how you approach each stage.

Besides separating good from the bad, you’ll have to deal with some of the more deviant level designs that we’ve come across. There’s moving platforms, bumpers, motors…to name a few. Dealing with all these hazards makes Drop Out one of the more difficult physics games. There’s many stages that had me stuck and almost flipping out, but the only thing that stopped this crazy act from happening is that failure rested squarely on my shoulders and my less than stellar ability and in no way was due to stage design. Looking for a challenge? Well, you may have met your match!

The Bottom Line:

Don’t let the Furries cuteness fool you, this is an addictive and challenging game that’ll fully test your skills through 120 levels (with more to come!)