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I’m addicted to collecting anything and everything so when a monster collecting game comes out…my free time is screwed. This time around I’m collecting monsters and battling them against other monsters until I reach the top of a tower in MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~.

In order to summon your first monster in MonTowers you’ll need to collect gems from the five elements, fire, earth, wind, water, and soul and once done these elements will be used to summon whatever monster that you have available. Once it’s summoned, you can place them into battle (up to 3 monsters at a time) and battle them against another monster. The battles definitely leans on the minimalistic side where it plays out as nothing more than a simple timing game. Tap the screen at the right time and you’re monster(s) will attack first. Continue doing this mini game until the enemy is defeated and then do this again with every other battle. Sure there’s a little more to the battles, let me assure you that it’s as bare bones as can be…but still I continue.

So why am I continuing to play battle after battle I ask myself and then I realize it’s because the collecting monster portion in MonTower is rather fun. Most of the time when you defeat a monster in battle you will unlock him/her/it and will be able to summon the monster whenever you want (this is always done by using the elements). However there’s more ways to collect monsters such as Gacha Mode that’ll have you use special coins that’ll unlock a random monster for you. Sometimes in Gacha you’ll actually receive a recipe instead of a monster. When this happens you’ll need to mix together two monsters together to unlock a specific monster. So if you’re a collecting junkie like myself, there’s no doubt that there’s a good chance that you’ll become addicted as well.

An extra tidbit: It’s pretty safe to say that MonTowers contains the bustiest women in any game that we’ve reviewed as of yet.

The Bottom Line: 7.5/10 (Good)

Where at first I thought that MonTowers didn’t have much depth to it, that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s remains to be a fun brainless monster collecting game to play when you’re needing something to keep you occupied.