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As far as hero’s go, one of the last characters that you’d expect to play as is an apple. Yet in Apple Avengers you find yourself as a fuji apple that embarks on a quest to stop vicious worms led by King Lumbricus.

Throughout Apple Avengers you’ll roll your apple around 2-D platforming environments that are placed in 3-D worlds.  The levels themselves include tricky platforming skills that’ll have you jumping over pits, bouncing off spider webs, and lots of apple-butt bouncing off worms to name a few. Besides the ever changing levels, there’s also unique abilities as well as other characters to unlock. Each one I’ve tried brings a completely new feel. How different you ask? Become a golden apple and you’ll unlock massive speed and the gameplay changes from Mario Bros-like to Sonic. Because of the amount of variety the gameplay doesn’t get dull.

For a iOS game Apple Avengers is lengthy. I’m no slump at platformers but yet I found myself challenged. Most of the time the death was my fault and other times  it was the virtual controls (an issue that almost every iOS platformer deals with). Yet if you manage to beat the game (I couldn’t) you can always go back and replay some of the past levels and collect all the golden seeds in each level (10 in each level) to unlock bonus stages. If you like a challenge than Apple Avengers is it.

The Bottom Line: 7/10 (Good)

If you’ve been hankering for a ambitious platformer we recommend that you check out Apple Avengers.