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When you think of being a farm hand placed on a virtual farm the first thing that comes to mind is Farmville. But now that might change with NEOWIZ Internet Corp’s newest Social game that combines farming, pet raising sim, and PvP racing.

Keri Racing has you play as a farm boy/girl that as chance would have it rescues a Keri bird (think ostrich or a Chocobo) and bring it to your farm to raise. However, before you get the responsibility of raising a young bird, you’ll have to set your priorities straight and build up a functional farm. This includes building up stores i.e. bakery, cotton mill, flower shop, as well as growing produce. This balance of cycling products into the stores to make a profit, then use your earnings to buy new seeds to perpetuate a successful farm. It’s the financial cycle of life.

Besides continuing this cycle of replenishing and selling your goods, you can instead use some of your food to start taking care of your Keri and feed it. The more you feed it the more it’ll grow up (level up). The more that you level up your Keri the stronger it’ll be as well as opening up new outfits that’ll stylize your animal friend (some outfits will boost the stats of your Keri).  But why do this you might ask? That’s where the racing comes into play, the hook that had me checking my crops and store stock throughout the last few days. You see, you’’ll jump on the back of your Keri (like horse back racing or Chocobo racing) and race it against opponents (PvP) and if you’re a skilled racer and have a Keri that’s well leveled up you’re more than likely to win! With that said, if you have a low level Keri but you’re a great racer…you just might win. Fortunately the racing is easy to grasp so if you’re a “newb” don’t worry because sooner or later you’ll get the hang of it.

Besides the racing, Keri Racing includes missions varying from growing x-amount of crops, signing onto Facebook, to even winning races. If this variety of missions isn’t enough to keep you coming back, then perhaps you’ll like the other mini-games. As of now there’s four that you can unlock and so far the ones that I’ve unlocked could easily stand alone as their own game.

The Bottom Line: 9/10 (Super!)

Keri Racing is easily one of the more addictive as well as solid Freemium titles that’s worth your time (and possibly money).

Note: There’s an annoying black line glitch while moving around the world but it’s easy to overlook because how great everything else is.