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Anyone who witnessed the beginning of the iTunes AppStore will surely remember the swell of labyrinth titles released. Although this genre has died down a bit I find myself playing a new maze game on my iPad, A-Maze-ing Mouse, and am more than happy to report that there’s still something new to be found.

In A-Maze-ing Mouse the goal is to locate a specific object set in a maze and make sure that your mouse safely runs there. How this is done is by tapping on an arrow at one of the many maze entrances. If you choose correctly you’ll collect the object, move on to the next stage, and repeat doing this until you collect all of the objects. Oh, so what are these objects that you’re collecting? Your mouse is an aviator and it’s collecting these pieces to build an airplane of course!

No matter what stage you’re on there’s going to be hazards for any incorrectly chosen path. More than likely it’ll be a mouse trap but there’s also mode specific hazards. If you play “Rocks” mode, the labyrinth is chockfull of deadly pits but not to worry there’s always boulders around that can cover up the holes by tilting your device. Play “Mines” mode and now you’ve got mines to watch out for! Once again don’t worry there’s a way to solve this: just tap on the mine to make it explode before you set out your mouse. These are only a couple of the modes and each one brings a little something different to the maze.

Quick Note: A-Maze-ing Mouse approaches IAP in a very cool way where from the get-go all the modes (5 in total) are available to try out. Once you play a mode and get to a certain point, the game will lock that mode the next time you try it. A nice little way to give you a taste of each mode to see if you like it or not before spending any IAP.

Adding to the mode variety is that each labyrinth is randomly laid out which means that no two games will play the same. While all this is great, I do need to say that A-Maze-ing Mouse largest weakness is the (lack of) difficulty factor. Often a stage can be completed in a jiffy with little challenge.

The Bottom Line: 7/10 (Good)

A-Maze-ing Mouse may not offer up much of a challenge for a seasoned gamer but it does offers a very friendly casual labyrinth game for any young, gaming new comers.