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Around a year ago my Bosch Dryer malfunctioned with the error #E03 flashing. The only solution that I could find in the manual along with plenty of Google-ing was “hire a Bosch repairman”. This obviously wasn’t the solution that I was looking for (read: I’m cheap and do things myself). Then, I came across FixYa.com, a free website where you can scan through other people’s issues (hopefully answered) or post your own. Fueled with pessimism I almost didn’t post my issue but *sigh* I did. Within 24hrs someone posted an answer and at that moment I became a fan of FixYA.com.

As a fanboy of FixYa.com, I was excited to learn that they now have a mobile website. Miracles of miracles it goes beyond what I’ve seen for most mobile sites and takes on the behavior of an app–you can even make an icon shortcut on your home-screen on your iPhone (or Android). Although that icon shortcut is neat and everything (okay it’s really nifty), the UI on the site is outstanding, putting it heads above similar offerings. Navigating to other people’s questions, changing your profile or posting questions is easier than it is on the desktop version of their website. One fantastically remarkable and helpful example is that depending on your smartphone you can even snap a photo of your problem and attach it to your question. Out of all the mobile sites that I’ve come across, this is easily the best and most intuitive (plus it’s a very helpful website to begin with).

A little extra tidbit about FixYa.com. There are absolutely no hidden fees on this site. If you have a problem post it and hopefully someone will be able to answer it. Or if you’re an expert at something…help someone out! If no one online can solve your problem, they do offer a Premium Assistance feature that gives you guaranteed advice from their top experts. My personal experience, whenever I posted an issue it would be solved remarkably fast and at absolutely no cost to me. Did I convert you to become a fanboy/fangirl yet?

The Bottom Line: 10/10

FixYa is a fantastic website that goes beyond expectations and shows us what mobile websites should be. Even if you currently do not have a problem, we strongly recommend that you add this to your smartphone right now. It’s seriously an amazingly helpful website.