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We’ve all suffered from the loss of a good balloon, but when can you do when you see it float away? Therapy, or cry until you receive a new balloon are two options (but not the best). Here’s Charlie who’s lost his dear balloon, does he cry? Does he pummel everyone else with a balloon? NO. He and his mom protect the escaped balloon with the hopes of it safely floating in his eager arms again.

How you protect the balloon is by having Charlie on one side of the screen, the mother on the other and have them both blow on the ballon until it reaches safety. Besides blowing the balloon back and forth, the controls are brilliantly tuned where you can change the angle of each breath that’ll either speed up the balloon or slow it down by the location of where your fingers are on the screen. Expanding on moving the balloon, learning how to use the string attached to the balloon enhances  the experience. At times you may find an object that is placed on top of a branch (if the ballon touches the branch it’ll be popped) and the best way to collect it is to swing the string into the branch. This now allows you to blow the balloon across the branch with out getting popped! Amazing, I love it! With controls that are simple, responsive, and intuitive it allows you to focus on avoiding obstacles rather than thinking about how to use the controls.

Charlie and his mother will blow the balloon thru 4 different mountains with each one bringing new hazards. They all contain tree branches as well as earthquakes that’ll cause a small avalanche of rocks to fall down from the sky. Other’s will bring in wind that’ll need to be dealt with as well as wildlife from flying birds to even swinging chimps! The levels themselves are all bright and challenging (emphasis challenging) and with the assortment of dangers kept me entertained as well as challenged from the beginning to the end.

While Save the Balloon leans on the difficult side, there are power-ups that’ll help you protect the balloon. One will make your balloon invisible from all hazards, another one that’ll make your balloon solid that protects it from most hazards. Lastly is my favorite, the spiked balloon power-up that’ll allow you to teach those pesky birds a lesson or two. Even without power-ups, Save the Ballon is a fun experience and with them it’s even better.

The Bottom Line: 9.0

Save the Ballon is a very creative and entertaining experience. If you’re looking for something new and challenging we highly recommend this game.