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Desperate times calls for desperate measures is a saying normally heard when someone’s at the end of their rope. Sometime’s you can’t blame them for this logic and so is the case with Sticky Sheep’s star Baxter, the sheep-dogging beagle, whose unable to herd disobedient sheep. What’s his desperate action? Throw on a helmet and go sheep bowling!

Sticky Sheep combines the wackiness of Miniature Golf with the physics of Snooker. Here you’ll take control of Baxter by tap-aiming him at the sheep. The sheep’s ricochet is what you would expect from snooker balls. Your objective in each level is to herd the sheep by knocking them onto the scoring pad. The closer the sheep is to the center of the scoring pad the higher the point reward. Hmmm I guess there’s a bit of ShuffleBoard influence to be found as well. In order to pass you’ll need to get all the sheep to their final destination in a certain amount of shots. While this isn’t anything new, the creativity and charm of the characters had us laughing out loud at times.

Sticky Sheep’s core gameplay never varies and instead  focuses on changing course obstacles and adding a variety of new sheep. The gratifying obstacles include pinball-bumpers, gates (operated by switches) and the most amusing as well as deadly, electric fences. The obstacles are slowly introduced and serve as more than a gimmick, ramping up the difficulty  and level variety requiring your skills to evolve  in order to thwart the obstacles.

Baxter (and you) will soon learn that  no two sheep are alike…unless they’re the same color of course. Some are green from being  radio active and become super bouncy. Then you’ve got sheered sheep that are slippery lil’ fellers who slide around way to much. Interesting twists on sheep makes this one physics puzzler that you can’t put down. You will never look at sheep…or bowling the same way again.  Someone call P.E.T.A.!

The Bottom Line:

Sticky Sheep brings a robust gaming experience that’s chockfull of creativity and sheep knocking fun.