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Yo ho, Yo ho a pirate’s life for me! In Booty Cove, although you’re a pirate, you’re not chasing after wenches or downing a bottle of rum. Instead it’s all about treasure, shiny sparkly gold and jewels. Permission to come aboard and discover what this cute platformer has to offer.

There’s plenty of levels to explore along with entertaining crisp graphics. Throughout your journey through four different lands you’ll be collecting as much gold as you can. As you may expect each land brings new obstacles to avoid from flying ghosts to that damn bird that I’ve jumped into more times than I would like to admit. No matter the atmosphere, Booty Cove is detailed as well as being one of the better looking Indy games that we’ve seen for quite some time.

Even better is that the levels are made up of interesting platforming sections that’ll put your skills to the test. Jumps are challenging and if you’re not alert you’ll die. Now the nifty feature here is that when you do die (and you surely will) the level clearly marks where you died by placing a  ghost of your pirate marking so you know to be careful next time. Pretty cool huh?

Now for the not so nifty–the controls. If they’re good for anything it’s testing your patience. The biggest issue is the jump mechanic.  First off is the unresponsiveness of jumps that at times can take several taps for it to register (huge issue when it comes to platformers). Less deadly, but still a nuisance is that simple jumps require a lot of practice. Jumping up on a higher platform should be easy right? Booty Cove obviously sees it differently and expects precise button hits at the highest peak. Fail on the timing and you’ll have to jump again and again and again…still didn’t get it. Maybe I’ll get it on the next try. Not cool, not fun.

The Bottom: (5/10 Mediocre)

Booty Cove could be a rather enjoyable platformer but instead suffers from controls that make me what to smash my iPhone against the ground.

Disclaimer: I was unable to play through the whole game due to constantly dying.