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Normally RPGs pull you into their world, a world saturated with lure. There we explore the lands and embrace the story. More than likely there will be epic boss battles. Now what would happen if you took that RPG and stripped it down to only the intense boss battles?  The answer is you’d end up with Crescent Moon’s Raid Leader.

Raid Leader is all about boss battles, and with a couple exceptions it’s the only thing that makes up Raid Leader. Focusing on the intensity of only boss battles creates a streamlined experience that cuts out all that exploring and other features that may be overwhelming to people delving into an RPG for the first time. Because of this approach Raid Leader does become short with only a little over of a handful of bosses to battle. Now instead of leveling up by exploring lands and battling a variety of monsters, you’ll be replaying the same bosses over and over and over again. This “boss battle only” approach to RPGs is partially refreshing while at the same time becomes rather thin.

During each battle you’ll control three warriors (mage, archer, and warrior) and in between each battle you can upgrade certain abilities for each character (only two at a time per character) which does help keep it fresh (well as fresh as two day old bread) by expanding your tactics and replaying boss’s. The less than stellar selection of upgrades becomes  a double edged sword. RPG fans (like myself) may find the lack of customization dull and inhibiting. On the other side is if you’ve been shy about stepping into an RPG, Raid Leaders is a fantastic place to start with its minimalist nature.

New to RPGs or not, Raid Leader’s strongest attribute is the fighting system (very similar to what we’ve seen in Kids vs Goblins). You can either attack or move your character by easily tap and drawing the path of the character to either where you want to reposition him/her or to highlight what you want your character to attack. This control system is very intuitive and accurate for the most part. This control scheme alone brings Raid Leader from mediocrity to goodness.

The Bottom Line: (7/10)

Raid Leader is a great way to dabble if you’re new to RPGs. If you’ve been playing them for some time, you may be disappointed by the lack of content and should consider looking elsewhere.