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Okay all together now…what’s SpongeBob SquarePants favorite hobby (well after flipping Krabby Patties)–Jelly Fishing! Now pretend that you live in Bikini Bottom and take control of SpongeBob and his Bubble gun (I guess he traded in his trusty net “Ol’ Reliable”) to capture all the JellyFish in this bizarre cannon shooter, SpongeBob’s Super Bouncy Fun Time.

Right away you’ll notice that this isn’t the SpongeBob that you’ve grown accustomed to nor is it your average run of the mill cannon shooter. All of your beloved sea critters have been re-imagined with a anime look that you’d expect to come off of a Japanese Cereal box. This alone is amusing and should please any SpongeBob fanatic (it’s possible that I’ve seen every single episode).

Then there’s the cannon shooter aspect that incorporates the staples that we’ve all come to expect. Things to smash, selection of ammo, etc. What you may not expect in your cannon shooter is the mesh of BreakOut (yeah, that BreakOut that has you bouncing around a ball and smashing every brick on the screen)?! Oddly enough this bizarre mesh works perfectly and creates an almost completely new cannon shooter experience. Part of the reason that this works so well is that some of the jellyfish that need to be captured hide behind  bouncy bricks and if you aim your bubble correctly you’ll cause a havoc of ricochets off of bricks as well as jellyfish and destroy everything on the screen. If you’ve become burnt out from cannon shooters (I cant blame you for that one), the mesh with BreakOut ensures a fun visit.

Overall the levels include interesting brick layouts as well as jellyfish placement that need to be solved through a variety of ways. This can either be by going straight after the JellyFish first and slowly breaking through the necessary walls or sometimes vice-versa. No matter there’ll be a time where you’ll get stumped from a certain layout and there’s two things that you can lean on. First off is that you can purchase one-time-use ammo (you’ll easily collect enough in-game coin to purchase upgrades whenever needed). Then there’s the bubbles that can burst through bricks or others that can split into several bouncy bubbles. Whether you need these or not, experimenting with the variety of special bubbles creates a super bouncy fun time.

The other thing that you can count on is unfortunately “luck”. Yes Luck. More times than I could count I found myself stuck and carelessly aimed a bubble and there it was bouncing off the bricks like crazy and destroying everything in its path! This “luck” mechanic definitely subtracts the skill that should be needed to solve stages. Fortunately SpongeBob’s Super Bouncy Fun Time is wacky enough that the luck portion can be easily overlooked.

The Bottom Line:

SpongeBob’s Super Bouncy Fun Time stirs things up by including an absurd Japanese feel along with meshing together two completely different style genres. This is a must buy for any SpongeBob fan or anyone looking for a completely new take on CannonShooters.