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Update: A Valentines day theme level pack is now available

There are always issues that come up when you’re a very small team that runs a whole website. One of those issues is trying to cover as many games as we can as quickly as possible, although we try our best, sometimes a deserving game doesn’t get noticed (by us). Thankfully this isn’t the case with Crescent Moon’s Paper Monsters: it’s a damn good game.

Paper Monsters does what so many iOS games fail to do, bring a solid platforming experience that fits in your back pocket. It brings everything that you would expect from a platformer: interesting layouts, variety of atmosphere, as well as including Boss battles (although they lean on the very easy side).

While Paper Monsters is extremely polished it does lack innovation. Almost everything found in Paper Monsters creates a “been there done that” experience, in other words almost every aspect can be pinpointed to other platforming games (especially the king of all platformers-Mario).

Where Paper Monsters lacks in innovation, it makes up for it with its charm and replayability. Looking at the screenshots alone should clue you in that this is one cute platformer, perhaps the cutest game to hit the AppStore market since OmNom (Cut The Rope). Then there’s the replayability factor (which it clearly needs since it’s extremely short). Each level pushes exploration that includes 3 golden paperclips to find as well as  wrapped presents. This drastically helps enable level exploration which helps excuse the rather small amount of levels that are easy to plow through. Fortunately there will be even more levels on the way.

The Bottom Line:

Paper Monsters makes up it’s lack of innovation and short gameplay with interesting and adorable levels.