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Everyone has particular food cravings that tickle their taste buds, some salivate at the thought of garlic, others would sell their little brother for a scoop of ice cream (I lost track at how many times my siblings tried to trade me at the ice cream parlor). Others loose all willpower at the site of blood such as vampires, or in the case of Suckers Lite, mosquitos.

Suckers Lite gives us a taste of what’s to come when the full version is released. It follows the tap-reflex concept of tapping some objects while avoiding others.  In the case of Suckers Lite the screen is buzzing with bumble bees and crawling with spiders that mean you no harm and since they mean you no harm, harming them will hurt your karma which in return sucks away a bit of your blood (life meter). Then there’s those darn pesky mosquitos, worthless good-for-nothings. (with the exception of bringing back dinosaurs…I can’t wait!). When these little blood suckers fly onto your screen you need to squish them (by tapping them) before they land on your arm, which in the game is placed on the bottom of the screen.

What we already know from this lite taste of the game is that the graphics are very cute and that the chaotic and unpredictable flight path of mosquitos brings a larger challenge than you may expect (just like trying to smash these little buggers in real life). With the future full version release, you’ll encounter onscreen power-ups curtesy of a variety of bug sprays and an extra life to help take these bloodsuckers down. Another feature to look forward to is that the difficulty will ramp up as the score limit is raised. Suckers Lite is free and cute, why not give it a try!

The Bottom Line:

If you’ve been searching for a super quick gaming fix, Suckers Lite is a adorable tap-reflexer just right for those times when you only have a few minutes but are craving a little game.