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Last spring the Mac AppStore was in the budding process and we were excited to see where it was heading. Part of the budding process was releasing games that would otherwise not be available on the Mac. One of these games was Red Crucible, an affordable online shooter that delivered a good experience for its price tag. Now nearly a year later after reviewing Red Crucible, we see its sequel Red Crucible 2.


Normally when  a sequel is released it’s a new game right? Duh, hence the “2” in the title…like come on. You would have to be a complete idjit to think that someone would release the same exact game but slap a “2” on it right? Well guess what, that’s exactly what Red Crucible 2 is. Same stages, heck you name it and it’s all there with nothing new except for the addition of one vehicle: a helicopter. Shouldn’t this just be an update rather than being called a sequel?

Oh wait, I see what’s new with Red Crucible 2! They took away the one time purchase option and instead created a “free” app that uses an overabundance of IAP. While I normally don’t support IAP, I’m fine with it as long as it doesn’t corrode the gameplay balance. Now with a multiplayer experience, unbalanced IAP is unacceptable. If you do not purchase IAP, try having fun using your dinky handgun against someone with a rocket launcher (IAP weapon). With Red Crucible 2 going down the route of IAP along with being an almost exact replica of the original, I highly recommend purchasing Red Crucible for a one time fee that brings a much more balanced experience. What? They removed it from the AppStore? Sleazy? Yes.

The Bottom Line:

While we originally gave Red Crucible an 8/10, times have changed and you can now purchase over a handful of shooters that’ll cost you much less. Plus they’re that much better. Or better yet, wait until Red Crucible 3 is released that’ll be a clone of Red Crucible but with the addition of bunnies! Wait my psychic abilities just kicked in: the bunnies will need to be unlocked via IAP.