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With a few rare exceptions, iOS games that overly dramatize the story-line can come across as campy. One such game is the latest and notable western shooter to hit the portable market, Death Call. Death Call delivers in presentation, a structured story and entertaining voiceovers, a pleasant surprise for an iOS title…and yes it is campylicious.  Fortunately for me, I heart anything campy (I’m a sucker for everything Bruce Campbell). Death Call, is a shining example of campy from its cheezy story to the aforementioned voiceovers that wouldn’t shock me to learn were recorded by a High school theater department.

The campy-ness of Death Call warrants, nay demands, a play through (I wholeheartedly mean this in the best way). Throughout the campaign you play as a federal marshal, Jedediah (thank you Mom and Dad for not naming me this) and you get to shoot up the bad guys in numerous western settings from taverns to mines. The actual shooting aspect uses a basic approach using an analog control to aim at the enemies (the aiming mechanic is very similar to Metal Gear Solid Touch) which not only adds more depth than iOS tap shooters (tap-shooters are when you simply tap on the enemy), but offers controls that are more on-target than most complex iOS shooters.

Normally my A.D.D. kicks in before I get halfway through any iOS game, yet Death Call serves as my Ritalin. The gameplay variety continued to change as seen in the assortment of enemies popping up on my screen, a variety of puzzles (although they  feel a little out of place and tacked on), and oddly most importantly are the gun upgrade features. At first when I noticed that there’s IAP involved  to purchase guns, my reaction was “Oh brother…”. I could not have been more wrong, skipping the IAP does not inhibit your experience whatsoever. In fact the in-game currency is brilliantly done by rewarding cash for every enemy you shoot. Besides leveling up your character you will want to push to replay levels in order to earn a little more moolah. The combination of well balanced in-game currency, variety of enemies and environments makes Death Call one of the most addictive games to be released this year.

Note: Although there’s a multiplayer feature, we were unable to find any open matches.

The Bottom Line:

If I was on “The Dating Show” I would sum up Death Call as an Artichoke. It’s not only good for you, the more you peel the more layers you’ll find. With the price tag of zero dollars, this is a must download for all iPhone (or other iOS devices) gamers.