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January 9th, 2012 Update: Call Connect loos much cleaner and sharper with its new retina support graphics.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever say “Gee I wish I was a Switchboard operator from the 50’s” or “Hey! That would make a great game!”. But the people at Walk Through the Clock obviously dream in nostalgic technicolor.  So with no further ado…welcome to your new part-time job in Call Connect, an interesting and unique matching game.

My thoughts on Call Connect changed drastically after just a couple minutes into it. First off Call Connect starts off as a seemingly simple matching game where you plug in a red wire to a jack that lights up on the switch board. As soon as this ‘menial task’ is done, the  other end (black cable) needs to be connected into another jack that is determined by a colored light. Sounds easy right?

At first that’s how I viewed Call Connect, then after a minute or so  fantastic chaos kicks in. These once cleanly placed cables become a web of cables from trying to match all the incoming calls. With each passing call my organizational skills go downhill, dropping calls, frying jacks…praying to the Switchboard Gods that I can activate a Bonus power-up that will be the only way to not fry the entire switchboard (again). Once you get the hang of connecting and ending calls, Call Connect will have you zoning in and creating some of the craziest eyes/fingers/cable crossing sessions. So…sounds easy-peasy right? No.

Assuming you’re like me and start of with the ‘Easy’ difficulty to see what Call Connect is all about, wait til you go for the ‘Hard’ difficulty where many more jacks are added to the switchboard. Once each round picks up in pace, the difficulty pops and creates an even more hectic experience.  If you thought yours eyes got crossed in “Easy” mode, just wait until you cross wires in “Hard” mode.

The Bottom Line:
While it takes a few minutes for the chaos and charm of Call Connect to kick in, and they will,  get ready for a bona fide unique twist on matching puzzle games.