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While I never thought “Man, I bet life would be more simple as a mouse”, playing Attack the Fridge nixes any future such whims. Not only does it demonstrate the dangers of everyday mouse  life with traps and such but also pits mouse clans against one another. It’s all about food and who has the most of it.

In Attack the Fridge! it’s all about raiding pantries and fridges to collect as much food as you can. Easier said than done. At first you control the yellow mice clan and direct them through a series of maze-like levels, drawing arrows to direct them out of harms way. Slowly you’ll be able to block paths to save them from hazards such as mouse traps and ticking clocks.

Protecting and guiding your mice is just the beginning, soon you’ll have to fend off the purple mouse clan trying to invade your territory and steal your food. The walls that  were once used to protect your mice can now be used to detour/blockade your opponents. Besides the blocking techniques you’ll also have a handful of other traps at your disposal. These traps can range from placing cats on the screen that’ll roam anywhere to springboards and cages to show those purple mice who’s boss and teach em’ a lesson or two. Be careful though, your own traps can backfire.

There’s more to Attack the Fridge than setting up booby-traps. Throughout the 100+ levels you’ll encounter a great variety of objectives to overcome that keeps this game much fresher than that cheese you left on the floor (you seriously should stop placing plates of food on the floor–oh, that’s me–sorry). Examples: Sometimes you’ll need to navigate your mice to the most fatty foods while manipulating the purple mice over to the low-cal veggies or even to the fake food. Other times you’ll have to carefully place your traps to capture all the mice while you collect every single bit of food. No matter what the goal is, Attack the Fridge manages to change it up from level to level.

While the variety is enough to keep you interested, you gotta give some credit to the great controls and UI. Controlling your mice is all done with swiping motions to draw paths to direct the mouse traffic. Placing traps is just as easy by using the simple ‘drag and drop’ system. With that said, it’s always fun to play a good game that actually caters to touch controls instead of virtual buttons.

The Bottom Line: (7.5)

Attack the Fridge! is  a rather good action/strategy game that expands from stage to stage as well as having a control scheme that won’t let you down.