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I feel like I’ve won the lottery when I go into a new game hoping for a good gameplay experience and instead the game manages to surpass all of my expectations and be a great gaming experience. This obviously  doesn’t happen often. But, then lo-and-behold  Save the Furries! brings it with bizarre cuteness and polished  touch controls to blow beyond all my expectations and shine as one of the best puzzle games to hit the iPad this year.

The look of Save the Furries! is an odd cross of a lemming and those fugly rabbit-like critters in Rayman Raving Rabbids. However unlike the latter, Save the Furries! actual gameplay takes an obvious inspiration from Lemmings and brings it into the 21st century. Like Lemmings, the goal is the same–guide these brainless little critters (in this case Furries) past obstacles until they safely make it home. Other than this, whatever you know about Lemmings–fuhgeddaboudit–Save the Furries! focuses on a heavy but easy to grasp UI that’ll have you interacting with all the environments.

At first you’ll learn the basics of Save the Furries! by taking a bolder and pushing objects around with it. One such puzzle will have you pushing a crate over a pit of spikes in order to create a safe place for your Furries to travel across. While this might sound dull, the further you progress the steeper the challenge becomes. Now, don’t get too comfortable, this is just the utmost core gameplay basics; soon you’ll be interacting with oh-so much more (man, you’ll even be using mine carts!). Most astonishing is how easy it is to interact with everything. This is all due to the well-polished UI that enables easy interactions, scrolling, and zooming in and out of the environments.

Like-wise, the ever-changing level design creates a perfect balanced learning curve that never moves too slow or too fast. But, just when smugness sets in and you think you’ve mastered something…a new something is introduced! I was not only amazed at how fantastic the touch controls are but also the variety and challenge of the puzzles.

The Bottom Line:

Save the Furries! is a fantastic puzzle game that’ll feed the needs for the most seasoned gamer while still being very approachable for gamers new to the iPad/iPhone. This is a must buy for all gamers.