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Recommendation: 8/10 An absolute must buy if you’re looking for your next puzzler platformer fix.

While I generally see zoos more as a prison rather than a suitable habitat for animals, some make a large effort to maintaining as safe and natural environment as possible. Then there’s those Intergalactic Zoos that Fox News refuses to cover (give it a few more years) that make even our most dreadful zoos seem livable.  In Pet it Out you’ll need to save a handful of adorable critters from a galactic zoo keeper that makes escape seem futile.

Pet it Out meshes together part puzzler and plat-former. It’s your choice which way you play but the goal is always the same–have your pet jump through the stage until it reaches  the portal. This is done by dragging your finger on the screen resulting in the height and angle of each jump. If you’re more of a plat-former freak you can see how fast you can make it through each level with as little jumps as possible or you can try and collect all the stars and golden trophy. If you try and collect all the stars as well as the hidden trophy you’ll see where the puzzle aspects really shine. Your mind may get stumped on trying to collect the illusive golden trophy…just out of jumps reach…almost got it…missed again.

Sure the levels expand by having different types of plat-forms as well as enemies to avoid, but this is not what makes Pet it Out stand out from the competition. Instead it’s the unique abilities of each pet. The games brilliant concept and approach (jumping) and giving each pet its own unique abilities creates a freshness rarely seen in iOS titles. The pet  monkey will be able to jump in the same fashion as a frog but now instead sticks to all surfaces which introduces an all new type of platforming. I have to mention the penguin that slides on the snow after each jump and the little yellow chick that can double jump in the air to emphasis how each pet brings it! Because of this, as well as the vast amount of stages, Pet it Out is one of the most recommended plat-former puzzlers that we’ve played this season.

The Bottom Line:

Pet it out continues to evolve the gameplay in a already solid puzzle/plat-former.

Disclosure: This is a paid article.