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Over the summer Asobu Games released their first iOS App, Ninja Tap. When I played through Ninja Tap, I made this good but easy casual game my bitch. But now the tables have turned with Asobu’s Games newest iOS entry, One Giant Leap.

One Giant Leap is a bit on the deceiving side, sure it looks like a cute casual runner game, but under that cute exterior is one of the more challenging casual games I’ve encountered! One Giant Leap plays very similar to what you would expect from an endless runner/flyer (think JetPack Joyride), you press on the screen to launch your astronaut into the air over pits while trying to avoid asteroids. Each run (a total of ten) has a set course of obstacles  comprised of but not limited to:t aliens, missiles, and not to mention again  plenty of asteroids.

While this sounds all innocent and such, the challenge comes into play with the limited  amount of fuel in your jet-pack along with the tight corridors that you’ll need to fit through. With the jet-pack you’ll be able to regenerate the fuel bit by bit when running on the ground but sooner than later you’ll notice that even being as careful as can be with your fuel may not be good enough. Countless times I ran out of fuel and plummeted into the depths of the moon (yeah, this means death).

Then there’s the closely placed asteroids that create corridors. Many times I either hit my head on an asteroid (you’re aloud three hits) or flew too high which caused my poor little astronaut to leave the small gravitational pull and float away for good. However none of this is bad at all. Challenge is a good thing and after beating a problematic stage I was filled with a sense of inner accomplishment (there’s also Game Center Achievements as well).

The Bottom Line:

If you’re either a masochist or never find satisfying challenges in casual games than you will love One Giant Leap. And if you’re extreme enough there’s also a Challenge mode that strings together all the levels.