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Recommendation: Fun App to fool around with.

One of my favorite holiday activities when I was much younger was decorating a Yule Tree. Today I’m more of a fuddy-duddy concerned about the ceiling getting scratched by the top of the tree, fallen pine needles and the cat batting off the ornaments. So a Augmented Reality (AR) Yule Tree  that I can decorate on my iPhone? There’s the ticket!

The first thing that I noticed when I started up Best Boy Entertainment’s Yule Tree is not only how user-friendly it is but, the sheer amount of variety at your disposal. First off is the amount of trees that range from a cardboard cut out  Yule Tree to that Charlie Brown tree, and all the way to the classic Douglas Fir (at least I think it is–I’m not an AR Tree expert here). As I’m sure you may assume, choosing the tree is of course only the beginning because who wants a ornament-less  tree? Scrolling through the ornaments is as easy as can be and decorating it is as simple as dragging the ornaments to where you want them. With the fast selection of ornaments as well as a few extra items such as presents, tree skirt, and a toy train, the combinations are endless.

Ah but there’s more and I decided to save this for last and that’s the nifty AR feature that’s included (click here to read more about AR). When you go into AR mode you’ll notice that your decorated Yule Tree pops up on the marker allowing you to marvel at your decorating skills, but you’ll now also be able to walk around your tree to see it at almost every angle (you just can’t look up at the tree for obvious reasons). If you create a cool holiday picture you can even take a snapshot and send it to your friends later.

The Bottom Line:

Yule Tree brings the fun of decorating a Yule Tree without having to deal with the messy pine needles, tedious cleanup, or rushing your cat to the vet after seeing it munching on and barfing up the shiny tinsel (stupid cat).