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Sometime’s I sound like a broken record pointing out that some Indy apps are strange (come on…just take a look at the döner simulator), but that’s not said in a derogatory way. In some ways I think of it as one of the highest compliments. Something that is ‘strange’ can whet our interest by how it approaches gameplay, visuals, sound, or even how you interact with the game. So Yorick’s Revenge may tilt to the strange side but that’s a good thing.

Besides the idiosyncratic graphics, part of Yorick’s Revenge’s charm is it’s take on racers. In it’s own way, Yorick’s Revenge makes us ponder. Is it half empty or is it half full? One way to look at it is that there’s no course or campaign structure at all.  Instead Yorick’s Revenge uses randomly generated tracks and gives you the option to tweak almost everything about the game. Like a lot of tweaks: how fast is your “car” (yeah not really a car but I’ll get to this next-ish), friction, health, changing the difficulty of each race and way too many other things. Since Yorick’s Revenge does something completely different from what I’m used to and does it well, although lacking ‘standard racing’ features it’s definitely a half full game (if not more full than half but that’s taking a saying way to literally).

If you’ve either watched the video above or checked out the screenshots you’ll notice that Yorick ain’t no car. Instead you’re a rolling skull that you control the speed of by tapping on the screen. The faster you tap the faster you’ll go but more likely run into hazards. In other words tap fast  but not too fast but use caution while you tap but don’t tap to slow (man my head is spinning from that). Got your head wrapped around that? Good. While you’re racing there’s other things to worry about such as race position, collecting power ups, to focusing on how to tackle the randomly generated terrain. Fortunately all of this will make sense after a few races.

The Bottom Line:

Although I would love  the option to have something to track my progress, Yorick’s Revenge is a welcomed edition on my iPhone, bringing me a nice and different approach to racing games for the iOS.