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Having grown up  with cats my entire life I am more than aware of the abominations that cats bring into our lives, it’s worse than any hollywood horror movie or even what the 6 o’clock news has to offer. We’re talking about stepping on soggy hairballs and your black clothes covered in white cat fur. The horror! Leaving my cat therapy sessions out of this, Bad Cat’s HD brings a cute ‘horror’ puzzle game over to the iOS.

While Bad Cat’s HD may first look like a “Halloween puzzle game”, to us it’s more than that, it’s theme is  a homage to horror movies…but cute. Each of the Bad Cat’s HD puzzle pieces is comprised of a cat that resembles a horror movie icon. You got Kitty Jason, Kitty Mummy, and even Kitty Saw (whatever that tricycle puppet is called) to name a few. And yes, anything in Kitty form is still cute.

But Bad Cat’s HD has more to it than just cute visuals, it’s also a great puzzle game. Bad Cat’s HD simply put is a match 3+ game. In no time it had me scratching my head wondering how it found its great balance of borrowing working mechanics from numerous puzzle games (my mind was swarming with comparisons) while still somehow creating a current puzzle gaming experience. Moving the cat’s on the playing field is done by tapping on any cat that is not blocked in all directions (as long as there’s a free side you can move it) and can be placed anywhere on the playing field (in this case it’s tombstone). If you connect 3+ matching scary kitty’s, they’ll simply disappear, match more and you’ll not only get a higher combo but you’ll also be rewarded with a super-charged piece that can really help knock out  some of the pieces later on. I like my puzzle games simplistic (for the most part), easy to grasp, and easy to pick up and play. Bad Cat’s HD does all this well.

Simply speeding up the gameplay for a puzzler is expected but becomes rather dull if that’s the only challenge it brings. Fortunately for me, Bad Cat’s HD continues to ramp up the challenge by included a couple different difficulties. First off, there’s lots of scary monsters out there in move land, and well, Bad Cat’s HD makes it harder to match multiple cats by slowly bringing in new horror kitties. But there’s even a larger challenge to come your way, caged cats (have you ever tried to put your cat in a kitty carrier–now there’s an impossible puzzle game for ya) that are immovable. So yeah, Bad Cat’s HD continues to up the difficulty by not just speeding up the action but by upping the complexity ante as well.

The Bottom Line:

Bad Cat’s HD while  yet another match-3 game, brings a refreshing and rather cute experience over to the iOS.

Disclaimer: This App used the “Expedite Review” option.