Wow, I can’t believe that October is gone, kaput…history. What can I say, it took us by surprise. So surprised that we didn’t even think about choosing our October’s Game of the Month! Well a couple days late, we re-looked at all the games we’ve reviewed in October and picked out our favorites.

Game of the Month OSX


We fully enjoyed Psychonauts when it was originally released way back on the original XBox back in 2006 and a were surprised to see it pop up in the AppStore this past month (October). We were tentative to replay it being that it’s 5 years old (that’s around 30 in game years) and generally games in the past are best left remembered–not played. Happily, the game holds up remarkably well today and is one of the best platforming experiences that you’ll find on the Mac.

Game of the Month iOS

Dark Meadow

The actual combat is definitely considered ‘simplistic’  when compared to Infinity Blade, but where Dark Meadow shines is the atmosphere. With brilliantly eerie visuals and fantastic voice acting(seriously the best voice acting I’ve heard yet on the iOS) this game completely surpasses almost everything (atmosphere wise) that you’ll find in the iTunes AppStore marketplace.

Honorable mention


We discussed this for awhile, can we have a non-game app become our pick for “Game of the month?”. That was a tough one, and no doubt this would be our pick if we could get past our stubborn ways. So with that being the only reason to  be dismissed from our monthly award, ProCamera is one of the only apps to receive a perfect score from us (and one we use today) and we wanted to once again recommend ProCamera for being the camera app of our dreams.

Indie Game of the Month

Getting your game noticed is a tremendously hard task, especially when your game is developed by a very small group, sometimes only one person. These games sometimes  may not have the same polish to compete with the larger games, or not have the finances for advertisements, but  still offer a great playing experience. We decided to create a new monthly award to recognize these smaller games.

Penny Parlor

I’m always saying that simplicity doesn’t always necessarily mean ‘bad’. In the case of Penny Parlor, the use of ‘simplistic’ controls and game concept previously found in vintage cast iron figured games makes this a must buy for any casual and/or retro game junkie out there.