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Almost everyone who has played cards will recognize Aces®. They’re known for their large assortment of decks along with quality. Now through the help of Concrete Software, Aces® Hearts is released for everyone to play on the iOS.

It’s been at least  15 years since I’ve played a hand of Hearts so saying that I was ‘rusty’ would be understating it. Thinking that it may be heard to re-learn Hearts was correctly proven wrong with the step by step tutorial that’s included  in Aces® Hearts(click here to see the rules of Hearts). Easily by the second hand playing Aces® Hearts came natural along with accompanied by having the option to use the useful hint button that suggests what cards to play.

Aces® Hearts brings to the table more than instructions, it’s for the most part a full fleshed playing experience. There’s 10 different playing personalities to go up against, along with plenty of gameplay options. You can easily change it from extreme beginner to having the game completely whoop your sorry arse (the AI plays extremely fair no matter the difficulty). Unfortunately the one option that Aces® Hearts is missing is the ability to play against your friends. Besides this, I was overly pleased with having the option to customize almost everything about the game from how to pass, points, and even changing the quality of Jack of Diamonds.
aces hearts screenshot
But how does Aces® Hearts stand up with its presentation. It’s slick from dimming unplayable cards in your hand, to the fantastic UI. Placing cards feels realistic by dragging and placing the card onto the table, never playing a different card by mistake.  Then my favorite feature are the achievements (I normally couldn’t care less about achievements), a good amount of the achievements  challenge you to experiment with different gameplay strategies from playing with  all high cards (which generally is good if your going for a “Moonshine”) to playing with no face cards. So earning achievements earns you with more than a stupid in-game achievement, instead it helps you expand your knowledge of strategies.

The Bottom Line:

If you don’t mind a single player experience with Hearts, Aces Hearts brings a fantastic presentation along with plenty of options to cater to all skill levels.

Disclaimer: This App used the “Expedite Review” option.