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Recommendation: Medium

Just Survive! XP could easily be passed off as a retro arcade game that would have robbed me of my pockets-full of quarters as a youngster. The retro gameplay inspiration is exhibited in both the in-game artwork and the gameplay and will recall mindless gaming session memories to anyone who grew up in the 70’s 80’s–or any young hipster that embraces the time before they existed.

Just Survive! XP is an endless shooter where the objective is: dodge oncoming fire and blast anything that moves. In other words, retro style gameplay! Keeping things fresh are the amount of enemies you’ll encounter along with the increasing difficulty. You’ll have some enemies that’ll remind you of Galaga from appearance to movement while the further you progress the more intelligent and unpredictable the enemies you’ll encounter….And oh those intense boss battles ahhhhh.
Of course no retro shooter inspired game would be complete without the use of power-ups, and believe me Just Survive! XP has plenty… watch our demo video and say it aint so. Huh? Was I right? Yeah, I was so right! Just Survive! XP brings everything that you would come to expect from enhanced firepower, bombs, health, and most importantly two-sided ships that’ll help you blast away the oncoming enemies. It’s safe to say that if one thing has you coming back for more will be the variety of power-ups.

Taking Just Survive! XP’s gameplay into the 21st century are the controls. Say goodbye to the knobby joystick and hello to touch controls or accelerometer (Hmmm…I see a good iCade candidate). Just Survive! XP gives you a few different options of controlling your ship. The one thing that I do need to mention is that the controls while not awful are far from perfect. This is due to the laggyness of response time (this can be noticed in the video) which is crucial to be as ‘tight’ as possible in this genre. However, I don’t see this as a huge issue and hopefully it can be resolved in a future update.

The Bottom Line:

Currently Just Survive! XP is free (for a limited time) and absolutely worth a download from any retro junkie. If the controls are fixed this may become a contender for one of the must-play retro inspired games for the iOS.

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