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I have a special place in my heart whenever I play a Gamesmold title since they were one of the very first developers onboard since the blastoff of AppStoreArcade. Luckily for me not only does it feel like going back to the first days of AppStoreArcade, but amazingly most of their games are great Indie games. A few months ago Gamesmold released a very retro runner Panic Springs (contained one non-randomized stage) and obviously took  what they learned and applied it to an arguably much better endless runner, Spooky Hoofs.

Spooky Hoofs resembles what you would imagine of a horse-drawn carriage ride through the eery  town of Sleepy Hollow. From the spooky environments to the almost silhouette image of the horse and carriage you’ll drive your team through seemingly endless landscape as you escort a young lady past the un-dead and other evil spirits that plaque this town. *Of course this is an endless runner so surely you’ll meet your demise.

Like other runners, Spooky Hoofs, has its assortment of power-ups to help you progress through the randomized endless stages. However, what Spooky Hoofs includes that many others do not, are randomized Boss Battles. I’ll pause for a second to allow you to soak in that coolness. Enough time? The Boss Battle encounters are the highlight of Spooky Hoofs. Besides being insanely difficult to defeat your curiosity will be tickled as each boss pops up…always a surprise! The boss battles remain fresh and will have you doing the “one more time”. This is what makes Spooky Hoofs a notch up on my ol six-shooter.

iPhone/iPad (iOS) vs Mac (OSX):

While we normally prefer Gamesmold’s iOS version of their games, the OSX controls for  Spooky Hoofs gives you much greater control which in return brings a far less frustrating experience.

The Bottom Line:

Spooky Hoofs is an insanely difficult endless runner, but with the inclusion of power-ups and the great graphics and boss battles…this a worthy purchase if you’re hankering for a rousing runner.