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Normally I’m a very high strung person, maybe it’s from the coffee jitters, or perhaps it’s because I’m a hustle bustle city guy. You know that crazy-eyed gamer sitting in the coffee shop? Yeah that’s me at times. So where’s this unrelated rant going? One Morning whenI was all jazzed up from my morning Stump Town Coffee I began playing Wisp: Eira’s Tale and found my mind slowly calming to almost a meditation state, my energy now became grounded. Wisp: Eira’s Tale methodical pace and mellow Celtic-ish soundtrack brought me a soothing and casual game experience uncommon in today’s overly saturated run and gun gaming market.

In Wisp: Eira’s Tale, you help guide Eira, a fairy, back home by having her reach each levels portal. Controlling Eira is smoothly done by tilting your device from side to side and tapping on the screen to control her floating. Maneuvering  her around the environments is intuitive bringing a soothing gaming experience as you help her travel through the different worlds.

Throughout Eira’s travels through the 3 worlds (total of 30 levels), she will encounter a variety of enemies and difficulties. The enemies in the early stages are made up of dark gooey orbs that travel in a predetermined path. Later on,  Eira encounters more aggressive dark orbs that chase her, some with the ability to travel through walls. As you may assume, increasing the difficulty of the enemies and the environments slightly ups the pacing and creates new challenges while somehow remaining calm and  never chaotic. OMMMM.

Eira also encounters puzzle-like obstacles on her way home that need to be overcome in order to reach the portal that will slowly bring her closer to home. Going deeper into the fantasy realm is how these obstacles are overcome. Whenever Eira visits a elemental shrine (earth, fire, and ice) she is able to benefit from and overcome some obstacles for a short duration. Each one adds a different ability such as fire to burn cobwebs or the ice element giving Eira the ability to temporally freeze any dark elements. No matter what the element is, it enriches the Nordic theme adding depth to an already good game.

The Bottom Line:

Traveling through the different worlds is a calming experience that you normally won’t find on the iOS (or anywhere else for that matter). All though Wisp: Eira’s Tale is on the short side, the inclusion of 3 blue crystals for Eira to collect adds to the playthroughs.