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The happy-go-lucky flowers in Acid Rain are soaking up the rain unaware of the dangers that may fall upon them, literally. It’s up to you to protect them by swiping away the acid rain while leaving the other rain unharmed. If enough acid rain hits the ground, the cute little dancing flowers are kaput and it’s game over.

The goal of each storm is very simple, swipe away the acid rain while avoiding other variations of raindrops such as lighting which will zap the poor flower lingering underneath it, in other words some raindrops are best left alone. Adding to this rain drop swiper is the combo structure, that has you swiping acid rain drop from drop to drop without removing your finger. Doing this will build up your combo score however…making contact with a regular rain drop will cancel out your racked-up combo which in the end will affect your overall rating. Therein lies the addicting fun and challenge.

As you progress through each storm you’ll encounter a good variety of rain drops along with power-ups, these can range from turning rain into rainbow drops (which will rack up your combo score) or another will bring back a lightning zapped flower. Discovering the different power-ups had me coming back for more, wondering if I managed to go a little further what else I would discover.

There’s many great things about Acid Rain, however there is one overlooked option that severally cripples my positive reaction to Acid Rain. That’s the absence of being able to select a certain level or even having another mode to choose from, sure you may have gotten a 3 star rating for a particular storm but being unable to jump to a certain stage subtracts from the replay value. Don’t force me to play through the first storm all over again in order to progress a little further–not fun.

The Bottom Line:

Acid Rain is a fun casual game…too bad that the lack of modes and level selection put a damper on a could be fantastic title. With that said, Acid Rain is a good game, but may not hold your attention.