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Recommendation: High

I admit it, I’m awful at Infinity Field and couldn’t finish the campaign mode. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a blast with it. Infinity Fields is a dual stick shooter that pits you against endless waves of enemies and presents itself as a much-improved clone of Geometry Wars.

The campaign mode can easily stand alone. Each level expands dramatically beyond adding new enemies while always staying true to survive for x-amount of time. Infinity Field adds different goals for each level, some times you’re blasting endless waves as a standard dual stick shooter while other times you may be rushing to detonate bombs as the only way of defense. No matter what the stage it always remains fresh.

Infinity Field includes an amazing array of survival modes. Sure you’ve got your standard modes such as infinity mode and insane mode but, there’s also an assortment of original (or less-common) modes to choose from. Two of my favorites are snake mode where you must trap enemies inside your tail like body and hit them with the laser that is connected from the head to the tail and the insane zombie mode where you hold off the zombie ships. If these don’t sound appealing to you…first what’s wrong with you?! then…don’t worry there’s several more to choose from and there’s bound to be one that tickles your fancy.

I see graphics as icing on the cake, as long as the gameplay is good, the graphics will just add that extra flavor (sometimes the frosting tastes like sardine paste), with that, Infinity fields frosting is oh-so-sweet full of rich texture where you just want to dip your finger into it. Screw the cake this is damn good frosting! What makes these vibrant colours and flashy graphics stick out? It’s the slick customization features, especially if you have retina support. These Infinity Field’s graphics are some of the freshest retro inspired graphics out there.