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Did you loose your boyfriend’s attention to video games? Well paybacks a bitch, have a virtual affair, after all what do you think he’s doing chasing after all those scantly clad dressed females in all those games. If this ‘dish best served cold’ sounds good to you let’s see if the men in My Virtual Boyfriend is worth your time and attention. After all a relationship is work (unless you’re with someone like my significant other–kudos points for me! *Whew* that was a close one).

My Virtual Boyfriend is a dating Sim where it’s all about advancing your relationship. Mirroring a real relationship, activities and interactions are limited. After you get to know each other better, your relationship ‘levels up‘ opening up new options and possibilities to enhance your relationship. These range anywhere from “Have a picnic” to “Sexy time”, no matter what the choice is, even though this is rated 17+, everything is very tame so you can play anywhere including coffee shops…you just might get a few odd glances if people see you interacting with a virtual boyfriend on your iPhone/iPad– especially if your real boyfriend is sitting across from you frowning.

Playing My Virtual Boyfriend in front of your real boyfriend might upset him. One key factor to satisfying your virtual boy-toy is understanding his likes and dislikes. Each man has a ‘unique’ personality. Some are urban and love shopping while others are more jock-like in nature, loving outdoor activities. One would assume that choosing to go hiking with the out door guy would please him but, although this is usually the case, he can be fickle and get pissy. When they get pissy or unhappy they become mentally abusive, creating a very one sided relationship. Make him dinner and he might pout saying he wanted take-out (selfish bastard), or perhaps dress up in sexy lingerie for him and he’ll say how ugly it is on you (this should be the first clue about his sexual preference). If he starts to become a selfish dick-head just dump his good-for-nothing ass and move on–which you can.

As mentioned above, there’s a variety of men to choose from (although most act childish–oh wait that’s just like real life!). Best of all unlike real life you can choose how they look to how they dress… Wait,  most girlfriends and wives end up making-over their guy anyway. There’s plenty of options between personality and looks to keep you entertained through multiple playthroughs. However, after going through all these guys, another clue should be right in front of your face. You’ve got to stop picking up your guys at Gay Clubs. Just look at how they dress and how they interact with you. One guy turns down sex to talk about fashion. Come on, these guys are only fooling themselves. Trust me, once you turn off your iPhone, you know that these guys are hooking up with one another behind your back

The Bottom Line:

My Virtual Boyfriend is a amusing virtual dating sim. If you don’t mind the dialog that repeats itself from date to date, never mind the mentally abusive comments, then give it a go.

Disclaimer: This App used the “Expedite Review” option.