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Oh No Volcano! In Volcano  Island, an island resort that was once a destination for recreation and relaxing, now poses the threat of becoming a final destination. The island’s volcano erupts forcing people to flee into the shark and octopus infested ocean–their main option for survival.

Volcano Island is best summed up as a hex-turn-based strategy game. Somehow it even feels like it could have been a popular hex-board game that I would have played as a child. The premise of Volcano Island is to strategically place the islanders out of harms way along with getting every tourist on board the cruise ship that’s waiting off-shore. Placing non-swimmers with swimmers is a good idea in order to ensure that there’s not any drowning victims–instead they will live to become shark bait!

Positioning the survivors is done in an allotted amount of moves per round (each hex square equals one move) to reposition the people hopefully out of danger–then it’s the computers turn.  A series of moves from sharks and octopi along with events that at times aid you in your efforts to escape, but more than likely will cause harm to the islanders. Sometimes the erosion will magically have a boat appear which is great for your non-swimmers–or just getting people out of the water. Unfortunately though if something does appear in the eroded land it will either be a shark or an octopus, instantly killing anyone standing in that square. Later levels will up the adrenaline when placement of every person along with escape routes becomes essential because even one death spells game over.

Although there’s a limited amount of islands, five to be exact, with each one including three levels of difficulties, each game is always different and you’ll never have quite the same experience. If you’re a strategy junkie then you’ll absolutely going to love Volcano Island.

The Bottom Line:

Volcano Island is a great casual strategy game that offers lots of replayability although lacking modes and an larger collection of islands.

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