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Mogo the Monkey in Operation Jungle Bungle

Similar to Trophy Truck Extreme, Mogo the Monkey in Operation Jungle Bungle is a great game that severely lacks content (which would hurt its game score). We opted out of our usual critique style to offer a more casual glimpse since what it does offer is a great experience, a very short experience, nevertheless still a great experience.

You see Mogo escaped the Aztec Toilet Paper Testing facility and now is on a mission to destroy it by throwing poo and other such variants to stop the evil Marquis DePooPoo. As you can assume the dialog and plot is very childish but becomes a guilty pleasure. Come on throwing explosive poo is funny, just admit it! The story boasts well developed characters along with levels that are a pleasure to blow up.

Somewhat similar to iShoot are the aiming/shooting controls and the destructible terrain. In order to have Mogo aim, drag the arch along with choosing via meter the  desired  velocity of the throw (this is much more forgiving then iShoot). Since a good portion requires carving up the terrain to progress, there’s a very handy reshoot button that saves time, not to mention frustration…a great little extra feature!

Our only issue is the length, 8 levels split into two worlds that can be easily beaten in under 30 minutes. After playing the first few tutorial-like levels the full potential of the game shines with fantastic level designs. Each level is oozing with creativity along with varying puzzles. If the rest of the game (more is on its way) is anything like what we’ve sampled then we are in for one heck of a great time. With all that said, at the moment with it’s limited levels, Mogo comes across as a lite helping of a full meal.

Note: For some unapparent reason the game crashes after beating the last available stage.

The Bottom Line:

Mogo the Monkey looks promising but, we won’t know for sure until we see an expanded version. Until then we can’t tell you to grab it.