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In order to save your sheep in “Save Our Sheep HD” you must thwart the oncoming crew of persistent wolves by placing multitudes of defenses such as bear traps and turrets (if this is how men behave in a bar then there’s no question why women travel in packs). More effective in fending off the wolves than any bear trap…or anything else for that matter–is your finger. Like an almighty Roman God you strike justice down onto these wolves with a downward slide of your mighty finger rendering them unconscious, then flick them away by swiping up (I tend to read too much into games and always think I’m some sort of God though…). Can you keep up with all this swiping in order to defend the sheep and is it even worth while to even save them from the relentless wolves?

Playing through the stages you encounter a colourful cast of wolves. Like Plants vs Zombies, the wolves possess unique abilities that require special attention. To help wale on the wolves is a dog at your side and an arsenal that would make any NRA-crazed Texan drool. On top of this is being able to upgrade your defense.

*** I’m allowed to mock gun crazed Texans  since I lived there for a short period 🙂

The games biggest strengths are its graphics which utilizes the Unreal Engine. The superb graphics show off the well designed assortment of characters along with the vibrant landscape. The character design and theme is very child-friendly (which is a little difficult to find sometimes on the AppStore) and the animation adds to the cuteness of what should be a wonderful tower defense experience for all ages.  Sometimes good graphics attempts to cover up larger flaws.

Underneath this great tower defense game is a in-game interface that leaves much improvement to be desired. The problem comes into play with two strong factors, unacknowledged swiping and having wolves lap each other on the screen. Sure it’s annoying when the game doesn’t register your swipes even though it couldn’t be more clear, the more agitating section is when the game gets confused with your actions. This  confusion occurs when two or wolves are overlapping the same space, instead of flicking away the unconscious wolf, another wolf walks in front canceling out the flicks! The thing is there is a great game hiding under this mess but, and it’s a big BUT, this problem shows up dozens of times per level. Unacceptable.

The Bottom Line:

Save our Sheep is one of those games that has great graphics along with a fun premise but fails on controls devouring any chance of enjoyment…like a wolf in a meadow of sheep.