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Do you know what I like about Ricochet: Speck’s Adventure? It’s refreshing, it doesn’t have any zombies, ninjas or any other iTunes cliche theme. It’s a physics game that doesn’t imitate other games on the iTunes store. Instead, it feels like a new take on bumper pool.

The premises of Ricochet: Speck’s Adventure is to help Speck, a space teen, who is just as mischievous as any earthling teen. He ‘borrows’ mom and dad’s saucer and gets lost through a black hole. Now Speck must travel from black hole to black hole by ricocheting off asteroids, satellites and planets. This is where the physics comes in and manages to feel more like a game of bumper pool (I heart bumper pool). The object is to aim the saucer past the planets (bumpers) until the saucer arrives at the target–which in this case is a black hole.

Aiming and shooting is very easy and accomplished through the games exceptional physics.  The controls are all done by touching the saucer and sliding your finger to aim. That’s it, simple and well done. You really couldn’t ask for a more polished control system…but the Dev’s went a little further by including an optional guidance system that shows you the saucer’s line of sight. If you decide to turn off the assistance it will increase the games difficulty.

While the stages offer a good challenge, there’s a couple of detracting issues. First off is the lack of obstacle variety, most of the game is bouncing off of planets and satellites. Secondly, near the conclusion of the game another space-craft is added that fires in patterns that you must avoid at all costs. This is fantastic! You say. Not so much…As soon as the game starts to get a interesting flavor, it’s over. While it’s great when a game leaves you wanting more, the 45 stages are relativity short and easy to plow through. And thirdly, is  the difficulty curve. Some of the placement levels feel out of order having a handful of more difficult levels being in between much easier levels. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker by any stretch but we wanted to point it out.

The Bottom Line:

Ricochet: Specks adventure offers a great physics puzzle experience that is reminiscent of playing a game of bumper-pool down at your local pub.