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Can a Indie Dev create their own franchise? Sure why not, that’s exactly what Dnd Studios accomplished with e-Pig. As of the moment four casual e-Pig games (we’re covering 3 out of 4) have been released  for iOS and OSX with each one having different gameplay elements while remaining in the e-Pig Universe. Each game’s universe, while each unique in its own right, has a visually vibrant landscape with characters that are very friendly for audiences of all ages. Instead of doing our normal full-fleshed reviews, we’re going to quickly look at each game separately.

e-Pig Dash(6.5 fair)

Dash is the most simplistic out of the three titles along with the most forgetful gameplay. Dash is a running game, how far can your lil’ piggy run? Like other running games, e-Pig will have to avoid obstacles, in this case it’s platform jumping while avoiding enemies.

e-Pig like many games out there, is a mixed bag of “good and bad”. First off (and this remains true for the other two titles as well) Dash has a lot of charm to it. The lands and characters are coulourful, and if you like tooting pigs, then you’re going to love the cute theme. The controls themselves are very responsive and easy–all you have to do is hit the space bar and the duration of the press determines the distance along with height. Now the Bad, and saying ‘bad’ is a little on the harsh side- Not necessarily bad, the game just doesn’t hold our interest. There’s no variety, the background stays the same and there’s only a few enemies. Few running games achieve the addictive quality that they’re going for, poor pig just can’t sustain our gameplay time.

The Bottom Line:

If you can’t get enough of running games then Dash may keep you entertained for a little bit. We’ve just played other running games that captivated our attention for much longer durations.

e-Pig Dive(6.5 good)

Dive takes a similar formula to Dash (how long can you journey to the right) but incorporates so much more depth. In other words…it’s a much better game. Now instead of platform jumping, e-Pig takes his life down into the sea where it not only has to avoid the dangers of aquatic sea life, but also the dangers of running out of oxygen. E-Pig continues to swim to the right while collecting treasures and hopefully air bubbles to prolong his breath before he encounters his inevitable death. As long as the lil’ pig collects treasure before it drowns to death–poor pig…always drowning. Anyways, upgrades are available via purchase that includes a variety from swimming speeds to being able to hold oxygen a bit longer.

The Bottom Line:

Dive took us by surprise. The added strategy along with upgrades makes this a worthy purchase for anyone with a lot of free time.

e-Pig Rope(6.0 fair)

Out of these three titles, Ropeis the more unique casual game. Instead of running/swimming endlessly to the right, lil’ tooting e-Pig swings on pegs avoiding enemies and the spikes below. The problem here is the sheer difficulty, even from the get go. Having to quickly swing and grab onto another peg quickly doesn’t fit near as well with the mouse as it does by touch on the iPhone/iTouch. Rope attempts to take away some frustration of swinging into an enemy by incorporating coloured pegs announcing danger is afoot. In the end the amount of time of not knowing exactly where the enemy is creates  the smallest amount of room for error, hence  creating a more trial and error approach rather than anything else.

The Bottom Line:

If you are the type that doesn’t  get frustrated death after death, then you may find some enjoyment here.