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Gamesmold has been releasing puzzle games since slightly after the Mac App Store’s doors opened. Their newest release D-Capitatrix showcases their astonishing visuals and complex gameplay. While not abandoning the physics puzzler that made up Cart Cow, D-Capitatrix introduces ever changing rotating portals that co-exist with its winning formula.

Moving on from tractors and lazy cows, D-Capitatrix introduces you to its sexiest game as of yet (unless for some odd reason you find tractors and cows attractive)– decapitated female robots. Don’t worry though their heads will be reattached and that’s where you come in. By rotating the screen (via keyboard) the gravitation pull rolls around her head along with the environment, you’ll need to collect 3 power-cells to reattach her head to her body. Whew! no man would want a sexy robot without a head!

If you think that this is a ball roller, you’re half right…but it’s so much more. Strategic placement of the portals is vital and anything that can pass through one portal will come out another…think about the ramifications of that for a moment hmmmm. The early stages of the game trains you how to best utilize the portals and as the game advances so does your technique. Learning to layer the portals becomes second nature and velocity will come into play. The inclusion of this feature cleverly advances the complexity of play.

Then, WHAM, just when you think that you’ve got it down…the puzzles restrict where the portals can be placed and incorporate new objects which continue to be introduced throughout the game. Did I mention the explosives that can either hamper or help your progress? Well, I did now.The intricacy continues to grow with your choices of how to best utilize the objects ie: blow up walls, weigh down switches…open new paths. Figuring out how to use each object evolves the gameplay and adds a heck of a lot of fun!

Gamemold’s previous entries slightly missed the mark with their delayed re-starting time between levels along with uninspiring game menus. Not so with D-Capitatrix. The levels start much faster and make trial and error less frustrating. Another marked improvement  is that the menus and overall game presentation have received a graphic over-haul.

The Bottom Line:

Gamesmold has become our Go-To puzzler guys. D-Captitartix offers the best physics puzzler that you can find on the Mac App Store. The levels are craftily designed and will challenge your timing and logic skills.