We originally wrote a review for The Adventures of Kaveman Karl but at the last moment we noticed that this was created by a 14 year old girl. We canned the review in order to create something much more useful for this young  and brilliant Developer. So we wanted to write something that is only positive  with suggestions (which was easy to do since it’s done so well). We enjoy playing The Adventures of Kaveman Karl and highly encourage everyone to play it, not just to support this aspiring developer, but also because it’s a good game.

-We highly encourage everyone to write feedback (positive comments only).

Either write a comment below or if you would like to write something more in-depth, email us a .doc, .rtf,  or whatever and we will attach it to this article.

Here we go!


We absolutely love that you created a 2d platformer, we grew up on these and we’ll never get enough. The platforming sections are craftily placed with some tricky spots. What we found unique about your platformer is your incorporation of new game mechanics. Specifically, the rating system of each level that encourages exploration and multiple playthroughs. We also like the idea of having to collect the 5 bones instead of just gunning to the end of the level. The homage to Super Mario is great!

Our suggestion:

While we like the idea of collecting the bones, having to always hit the boxes slows down the platforming. Perhaps have some bones floating in the air for some levels…kind of like Donkey Kong Country’s (SNES) “K.O.N.G” letters. Additionally, having to do some fast acrobatic jumps in order to collect them would brighten up the pace. We like the rating system but found it to easy to get a high rating. Make us work for it and put us in our place 🙂

kaveman karl screenshot for the mac app store


The controls are spot on and easy to understand. The controls are more responsive and precise then some other platformers. I wouldn’t change a thing.


We love the personality of all the characters, especially Kaveman Karl. If you created all of these by yourself…Wow! The varied looks and movements of many of the enemes remain true to the  art style–this is a good thing. A visual bonus is how the sharks are spotlighted, graphically presenting a different art style.

Another suggestion:

We’re a bunch of animators here so if you’re interested email us and we can share some tips about walk cycles that will eliminate the sliding-foot look along with suggestions for background movements. However, we really liked the animation style.

Closing comments:

You created a good game. The fact that you created something so early in your gaming career that’s this good is beyond outstanding. This truly is better than a lot of college project games!  We look forward to see what you do next!…also remember people will always have different ideas and opinions–sift through them, glean from the good and discard the bad.