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Right down to the bare bones effect Doomed Freedom perfectly mimics its predecessor,Doom. Everything from the in game Hud to the menus conjures up a satisfying sense of Deja Vu. The  Hud appears exactly as you remember along with the face that turns bloody with your diminishing health. The face looks a little different because it’s Doom clone so they have to make some minor changes! If you have never played the original Doom and perhaps grew up on a PSX or PS2, then get ready for some clunky controls. Navigating is a bitch and I realize how spoiled we are with the evolution of menus. Remember, this is part of the charm and mirrors what we used to think was ‘Good’ for a menu.

doomed freedom screenshot for the mac

Along with the menus and Hud, the controls are Doom-alicious and can be customized to your preference. Trying to move and aim is the furthest thing from precision but the running and gunning at numerous enemies while just trying to survive is exhilarating and today’s shooters just can’t create the same feeling. Not surprisingly the controls take some time to get used to but, when you do the nostalgia is pure bliss. To make sure I give plenty of warning for those of you who never played Doom, I repeat–the controls are awful compared to todays standards–but this is  how the fun started back in the old days.

The strangest thing happened, I played this well over 10 years ago and everything looks familiar, but the layout and enemies are different…Ah sorry, I forgot it’s Doomed Freedom and not “Doom”. Where is this nonsense going? The levels include everything in the original source from the colour key cards blocking your progress to the acid/lava rivers that flow beneath your feet. The coolest parts are the new scares of hidden enemies. I literally jumped out of my slippers from being surprised a few times! All the original enemies are represented but, like the head in the Hud, all have a different skin to them. Don’t worry the attacks are the same…including the fireballs.

doomed freedom screenshot for the mac app store

The Disclaimer (this is a first for me): Doomed Freedom is almost an exact replica of Doom and offers a bloody good time. Like the original, the graphics and camera can cause motion sickness and are not pretty to look at. So if you’re a new gamer who’s first system was a PS2 then maybe avoid this game unless you want to experience what gaming was like when it started to move over into 3d. Now for all you older gamers, rev up your DeLorean–this is an awesome gaming vacation.

The Bottom Line:

While Doomed Freedom is a remarkable remake of Doom, it mimics retro menus and controls, the in-game and menu UI will turn off  many new players. However, if you remember sneaking out of bed while your parents were sleeping to play one more level then you will absolutely love Doomed Freedom.